Issue Eight – Fantastical

knights of cold air grant the sun silver blood serenity
in descent

By David Edwards


Dream Vistas
By Aeronwy Dafies

Dream vistas
Stretch forth, panoramic
Wider than the mind
Unfolding, perpetually
Beneath shade
Cast by universal world tree
A fleeting moment
Encapsulating eternity
Entire fantasies
Lost when you wake

Victory & Loss
By DJ Tyrer

Appointed hero
Invested by all the gods
Marches to battle
He shines like the summer sun
Drives back forces of darkness
Laid in the cold earth
His wife cannot welcome him
She mortal, he not
Turns his back on holiness
Necromantic promises

Originally published in Sirens Call ezine


Over The Edge
By DJ Tyrer

Mariner on a world like a disc sails too far, plunges over the edge. Voyages amongst the stars.


Rises five miles high
Animal fits in pocket
Fantastical beast

By DS Davidson

other worlds, they are
something other than “other”
always becoming

By David Edwards

By DJ Tyrer

Forest maiden
Brown-bark skin
Lush moss hair
Nature’s beauty
A secret lover
Yet incomprehensible
A fleeting romance


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