Issue 11 – Alien Invasion

Shapes hang in the sky
Alien invasion fleet
End of the world sale

By DJ Tyrer

Alien Invasions come to us
not in flying saucers
or rotating cylinders
of hollow metal,
but in flashes of light
electrical storms on the horizon
tintinnabulations of sound
long, deep rolling thunder
faint aromas
old wood distantly burnt;
not in three-headed little green men,
but in apprehensions of our own minds
regretfully learnt.

By David Edwards


Aliens arrive
Earth under new management
Humans become slaves

By Aeronwy Dafies

Invaders from Mars
By DS Davidson

Evening star Mars glow
Cascading stellar flame
Falling earthward
Comet-like harbinger of doom
Telescopes point skyward
Fascinating, innocent of fear
Nearer, worry about impact
Falls to earth
No great catastrophe
Not yet
Not yet
Strange metal sphere
Lid unscrews
Expectant hush
Invisible wave of heat
Burns human stain away
Tripod unfolds itself
Spindly legs unwind
Stands like newborn foal
Then, begins to stride
Carrying heat and death
Across the land
Ridding the world of human life
Red weed overwhelming fields
Roads and cities
Staining Earth colour of Mars
Alien minds
Wiser than those of man
Inoculated bodies
Germs have no effect
As useless as earthly gunnery
No respite nor reprieve
Human rule ends
Martian rule begins


Landing in D.C.
Alien invasion
Lobbyists abound

By DJ Tyrer

To be or not to be
(Do aliens exist?)
By Mark Hudson

What if aliens came to do good?
Would they all be misunderstood?
Would they be space immigrants?
Would we view them with indifference?

In The Day the Earth Stood Still
The aliens did not come to kill!
But the US army was the first to shoot,
which kind of is the American repute!

The Statue of Liberty used to mean
Welcome to all living human beings
But now it’s harder to become a citizen
Would Martians be wiped out of existence?

Would they come in peace or want war?
Is that what our space program is for?
“Take me to your leaders,” the Martians might ask,
would we say, “there is nobody doing those tasks?”

I don’t believe that aliens exist,
but I must allow my imagination to persist.
Some people grow old and rather grumpy,
they no longer believe in Humpty-Dumpty.

The world is being destroyed by our own,
so there won’t be an ET to phone home.
We can speculate what lays beyond the stars,
while we try to survive in this human junkyard.


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