Issue 38 – Space Opera


Treasure Hunter
By K. A. Williams

Derelict spacecraft
Searching for treasure inside
Then I heard something


Space Opera
By DJ Tyrer

Galactic warfare
Missiles sent through hyperspace
Worlds become debris
Larger-than-life heroes
Victory in a moment


Propulsion Method
By Harris Coverley

nanotised spirits
star to star – faster than light
tachyon bullets


By DS Davidson

To boldly go
Seeking alien life
Learning all about them
Especially weaknesses…


Attacked By Pirates
By K. A. Williams

Out among the stars
Pirates attack my small ship
Not a gun runner
Transporting deadly toxins
Seven less space pirates now


Consider Fleabag
By DJ Tyrer

Alien fleet pauses
A long hush
In their glacial genocidal war
To review transmissions
Received from distant star system
Televisual records
Archived in deep space
Assess whether worth conquering
Consider carefully each one
Until finally a decision is made
Not worth it
Not even as a rerun


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