Issue 39 – Operas in Space

Alien voices
Thoughts turn to an invasion
At sound on airwaves
Declare that they come in peace
Itinerant opera

By Aeronwy Dafies


Martian Opera
By Mark Hudson

Have you ever heard an opera by Bellini?
Have you heard it sung by an outer space genie?
Have you ever heard the damnation of Faust?
Are you ready for a nuclear holocaust?

Or the Hungarian opera Erkel?
Did it sound like a Martian Studs Terkel?
Or did you hear the opera “a life for the Tsar?”
Did you hear the space opera performed on Mars?

Did you ever hear the opera by Antonio Vivaldi?
Did you shop on Venus at a local Aldi’s?
Did you ever hear the opera Nusch-Nuschi?
Did you see it and eat some alien sushi?

Were you a big fan of Wolfgang Amadeus?
Did you hear his opera sung by Princess Leah?
Did you enjoy the marriage of Figaro?
Would you liked to have tied the knot with C3PO?

Did you like the opera of Carl Orff?
Did you hear it sung by a space dwarf?
Did you like the opera by Giaconda?
Was it sung by a space alien anaconda?

Well, you must have a fine classical taste,
as the universe blows up nuclear waste.
If you want to hear operas on the moon,
most of the Martians will sing out of tune!


Music of the Spheres
By DJ Tyrer

Interstellar accompaniment
To angel voices
Peculiar alien warbles
Bellows and growls
Carried on subspace radio waves
Delighting listeners
But, cannot compare
To mating song of the star whales


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