Issue 51 – Arrogant Elves

Elvish arrogance
Born out of immortal lives
Never perishing

By Aeronwy Dafies


Elder Elves
By DJ Tyrer

Disdainful of short-lived races
Arrogance born of age, power, knowledge
Elves saw the earliest ages
Certain they shall live to see the last
Outliving human civilisation, dwarf
Even in their most-decadent state
Remain masters of the arcane arts, mystic lore
Undying watchers of the world
Remaining till its final days


The Elves
By Cardinal Cox

Every plant has its spirit – the mushroom
Has its goblins – Dryads for the fruit trees
Blodeuwedd brewed from seven different blooms
Mid-summer moon allows them to walk free

Noblest are elves who dwell in ancient mounds
Hidden amongst the sparse birch tree thicket
Lost travellers they invite underground
But do not take any offered trinket

Eat no food nor drink any Autumn wine
Accept no kiss that elf-maid might offer
Do not let them bind you with silver twine
And do not lay in any oak coffer

And when with dawn’s light you emerge at last
Pray you find not a century has passed


Melvin the Elvin
By Mark Hudson

Melvin the Elvin was an arrogant elf,
he always ended up alone by himself.
Like Charlie Brown, he waited around,
till his friends were six feet underground.

The loneliest elf of the brood,
a little kid in a really bad mood.
He could not disguise his conceit,
until the elves began to know defeat.

The dwarves were taking over the forest,
and Melvin was a horologist.
An expert in watches and maps,
he knew how to set some traps.

He really knew the Elvin territory,
he would complete this story.
He was elected Elvin commander,
he was a real demander.

He employed Crossbows and swords,
he even gave the sacred ring of the lords.
He made the main swordsman named Frodo,
and an elf with an axe named Quasimodo.

The dwarves came on chariots of fire,
but elves fought bravely, making them tire.
The dwarves were fearful, facing surrender,
Melvin was named the main defender.

He was given the keys to the kingdom,
and went forever down in Wiki Fandom.
They made a video game in his honour,
and it turned out to be a real yawner.

The Legend of Melvin was forgotten,
and the battle that all the elves fought in.
The ancient manuscript collected dust,
hidden in a castle, in a dungeon of rust.


Size Does Matter
By K. A. Williams

The tall haughty elves
Sneer at their distant cousins
Santa’s short helpers

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