View From Atlantis is primarily interested in speculative poetry (fantasy, science fiction, supernatural horror, etc), but literary poems and poetry from other genres will be considered as long as they fit the issue theme in some manner. Prose poems, flash fiction and excerpts from longer works will also be considered. Please check below for themes and submission periods. Submissions sent outside of submission periods will be deleted unread.

Everyone is welcome to submit regardless of identity or publication history.


All submission emails will be deleted after acceptance and rejection emails are sent out (which should take place within approximately two weeks of the submission period closing) and will not be shared. The only information necessary with you submission is your byline and contact email.

Submissions Wanted

Please only submit to a specific theme during its open call.

Theme: Swords and Sorcery

Open: 27th March to 9th April

Mighty warriors, cunning thieves, evil enchanters, dark deities… reveal what lurks in the ancient ruins and dark alleys of a swords and sorcery world.

Theme: Hall of the Mountain King

Open: 10th April to 23rd April

Who rules from the hidden hall beneath the distant mountain? Most likely it is a wise and benevolent, if inward-looking, Dwarven lord… but, it could be a goblin or some other being. Perhaps King Arthur continues to reign as King Beneath the Mountain, or maybe you have a science fiction tale to tell?

Theme: Scoundrels

Open: 1st May to 14th May

Share your stories of scoundrels, whether they are from fantasy realms or a science fiction milieu. Although a speculative element is preferred, you could even go for a historical or entirely mundane modern-day scoundrel if you wish. Surprise us with the (mis)adventures these loveable (or, not-so-loveable) rogues get up to!

General Guidelines

Poem Length: preferably under 50 lines with a maximum of 200 lines.

Prose Poems/Flash Fiction: preferably under 500 words, with a maximum of 1200 words.

Artwork: Yes.

Reprints: Yes – at least one year old for print and commercial e-publications and at least two years old for freely-available e-publications. Must retain reprint rights.

Multiple Submission: Yes – preferably in a single email.

Pyment: None.

Rights: Non-exclusive – ideally we would like to be able to archive the work for at least two years on the site.

Submit your work in the body of an email to (please include your byline and your contact email). Please put ‘View – [Theme]’ in the subject line of your email. No attachments, please.

Acceptances and rejections will be sent out within two weeks of the deadline for the issue – if you do not receive an email, please query in case your email hasn’t arrived or has been missed. You may include a link to your website and/or your work (such as on Amazon) that will be included alongside your work if it is accepted for publication.

Note: If you are under 18 years of age, please get a parent or guardian’s permission to submit.