Issue 24 – Cosmic Horrors

Tentacle twitches
Strange dreams haunt alien mind
Cthulhu’s nightmare

By DS Davidson


By Cardinal Cox

First our machine intelligences migrated out into the void – Mars, Alpha Centauri, Polaris. We thought them immune but they built temples in orbit around neutron stars, projecting prayers around the gravity wall-of-death into the distant future. Humans had to negotiate with the higher-dimensional hive-minds of Yuggoth via their harvested multi-species tanked brains so that the flimsy spacecraft might be allowed to participate in the wormhole ceremonies of Yog-Sothoth. The whisper in orbital ports is that every starman’s a little mad. Well, when you’ve seen (ruins (older than all life on Earth) beneath a star teetering on the verge of going nova… or realised that the formulae reveals Dark Matter to be just the weight of loneliness between galaxies; the mass of insignificance before nebulae; the pressure of the microwave background radiation (the cool, ever pervading echo of the big bang)…


By DJ Tyrer

Interstellar space
Strange horrors lurk in the void
Primordial things
Older than the galaxies
Incomprehensibly old


Alien Thoughts
By Aeronwy Dafies

Strange ideas, conceptions
Float within brains that
Float within fluid vats
Long since divorced from flesh
Long since gone far from home
So far they cannot even recall
Their home world, its star
Or even their own form
Let alone the alien beauty
Of silver skies, coral-like trees
Or strange crawling things
That once served them as cattle
Leaving a peculiar hole
In whatever passes for a soul
And an ache when they see
Blue skies, green grass, earthly trees
That boils into a cosmic rage

Originally published in Tigershark ezine


Interdimensional Ghosts
By K. A. Williams

Nightmares are caused by
interdimensional ghosts
that invade our dreams.


The Dream of the Worm
By Harris Coverley


Going through the Gates of Dzungaria
You come across the ruins of Gochen
Between the heights of Hyperborea
And tightly tucked within the blackened glen


Foolish mankind has long since been and gone
Not so much vanquished as destroyed in whole
Whether in Africa or in Ceylon
By the coming of the terrible Dholes


The worms ruled this world for a million years
The land stripped of all fair and nutrient
Other older races made clear their fears
As the megadriles acted prurient


But ev’ry civilisation declines
Falling from their arcologies of bone
Cultures decay, social orders unwind
Their slimy bodies were slowly dethroned


Now but an individual remains
Resting beneath that accursed city
Waiting eternally with frozen veins
The dreaming worm that still feels no pity


No fossilised corpses would dare to weep
While the conqueror worm so soundly sleeps


Originally published in Speculations: Poetry from The Weird Poets Society 2018 (March 2019, ed. Frank Coffman)


Arcane Stars
By DJ Tyrer

The arcane perturbations of the planets
Those wandering stars that dance through the sky
Mirrored by tiny, invisible movements of distant suns
And the more curious motions of dark stars unseen
Render a certain dread alignment
That coming together in blaspheming congress
Called by hidden savants the day
When the stars are right

Originally published in Spectral Realms issue 3

Issue 16 – Great Cthulhu

Cthulhu Dreams
By DJ Tyrer

Beneath the waves, misconstrued
Squid-like dragon alien god thing
Dead and dreaming, alive yet static
Awaiting the stars’ awakening call
Cthulhu is metaphor and myth
Yet also baleful ultimate reality.

Originally published in Cyaegha magazine

By Harris Coverley

pre-human ruins
hidden at a distant point
Cthulhu calling



Death Has Raised Itself a Throne
By Cardinal Cox
(with lines from Edgar Allen Poe)

Lo! Death has raised itself a throne
Beneath Pacific miles deep
Fathoms down where lie timeless bones

Not dead but in eternal sleep
In slime grow skeletal flowers
And where alone ancient worms creep

Their shrines, palaces and towers
Where evil gods wrote their seals
Raised by unnatural powers

All undisturbed by ship’s keel
Where evil has this living tomb
Heeding mad hierophant’s zeal

Spawning nightmares in rotten womb
Promising humanities doom

No rays from high heavens come down
But light from out the lurid sea
Within this gulf where our hopes drown

Streams up the turrets silently
From lava bright in cracks below
Gleams up pinnacles far and free

Molten rocks bubble up and flow
From deeper yet, Earth’s very core
Affords to grant a hellish glow

Amidst ruins there stands a door
Locked, bolted by immortal hand
Forbidden by a timeless law

Forged by skills we’d not understand
Waves pound but not erode to sand

While from proud tower in the town
An idol with diamond eyes
Death looks gigantically down

Now you know that they were not lies
The whispers you heard in glades dark
While you stumbled brief how’s and why’s

Human vanity, wide of mark
We are but dust in sunlit beams
Meaningless as boson or quark

History never been what it seems
Toy-box of more powerful things
Civilisation – some god’s dreams

All doomed if it beats its great wings
Same fate for all – paupers and kings



Smile of Cthulhu
By DJ Tyrer

Cthulhu smiling
Unseen grin at cosmic joke
Tentacles twitching

Originally published in Tigershark ezine

By DS Davidson

Call of Cthulhu
Insane artists gain strange muse
Until stars align