Issue 18 – Chrome Futures

Adult Content Advisory

Broken mirror shades
Sky of analogue static
Today yesterday

By DJ Tyrer

By Harris Coverley



By Cardinal Cox

Something in bio-medical
Research / played in
Band / ran record
Label / had sickest
Sat at bar and sneered

man and machine

Flex chrome arm, rebirth
Death no longer the full stop
Rebuild, reload, live

By DJ Tyrer


By DS Davidson

The streets find a use for things, people
Repurposed, rebuilt
Commodified in unexpected ways
Surrender to the system
Give up in the gutter
Or, lock and load
Whatever it takes to survive
Break free, storm virtual heavens


By Cardinal Cox

If you closed your eyes
The data architecture
Was Angkor Wat
Jungle static/noise
Reach out – translucent sculpture
Client accounts / granite structures
Day-to-day routines
Maintaining the real world
Fountain with goldfish
Staff in scattered office space
Drop crumbs – a worker would
Pick up a phone somewhere


Satellite Hookup
By Mark Hudson

They’ve got a satellite hookup,
to screw all crooks up.
the eyeball is spying,
the government is lying.
They’ve got cameras in every town,
they see you as you act the clown.
they will make all of us frown,
from outer space they look down.
You think you can hide behind drapes,
they’ve got you on videotapes.
If you think you’re hiding from the press,
they’ll find out your life is a mess.
They have no way to prevent homicide,
when people have nowhere to hide.
They know when you’re not paying taxes,
they secretly read all of your faxes.
Gangs shoot people on the street,
but nobody will kill all the elite.
Innocent children are getting shot,
so their solution is to legalize pot.
Our country really is in trouble,
as our debt begins to double.
I’d leave but there is nowhere to go,
every country thinks I’m a foe.
So I’ll pretend to be patriotic,
and try not to act too psychotic.


By Cardinal Cox

Corporations asset-stripping ISS
/ don’t think about /
Trying to hotwire an old comsat
/ think about motion /
Africa drifts past window
/ about motion sickness /
Pan-Am Orion we came upstairs on
/ motion sickness /
Some accountant upside-down
/ sickness /
Planetoids are born


Social Butterfly Effect
By David M. Hoenig

Easy smiles, the new handshake,
repartee, the biz card give/take.
My clothes know who you are today;
algorithms in liquid crystal display
read kinesthesia, pitch and tones,
within my electrogenous zones.
Your data, contained by no condom,
splashes my blue dress like Kingdom
Come on, already! Got sensors for reasons:
don’t remember birthdays, seasons,
dates, times, names, or faces,
if we met in the usual places,
virtual or pheromonal. Smart clothing’s the real deal;
memory costs too much, but tech won’t make you feel.


Aluminium Lovers
By Harris Coverley

Fuck ’Em Suck ’Em Robots!
Want to get that thrill?!
No more need for all those pills!

The automatic copulate!
No need for social agitate!
They’ll always help you masturbate!
Avoid the horrors of the date!

Fuck ’Em Suck ’Em Robots!
With a sperm-proof grill!
(Do not display on a window sill)

Always horny—never late!
Set against a lonely fate!
Sprung with pseudo-flesh elasticate!
They’ll leave you in a ravaged state!

Fuck ’Em Suck ’Em Robots!
Settings from TENDER to DRILL!
You’ll always get your fill!

Throw open the fantasy gate!
They’ll forever be the perfect mate!
Order now—don’t you wait!
Overnight shipping in its crate!

Fuck ’Em Suck ’Em Robots!
Don’t you worry about the bill!
Just get fucked and chill…!


By Cardinal Cox

A shining example / literally /
Metal parts gleamed
Parade standard / combat requirement
Was dull, non-reflective /
Cyborg veteran of Middle East
Foreign Policy algorithms
Grand-daughter of S.D.I.
A star-warrior, one of Reagan’s Rangers

woman and car

By DJ Tyrer

It used to be
Now, it’s called
The Downtown Militarized Zone
The Free-Fire Zone
No more cops
But, National Guard
Tooled-up ready
Taking on the People’s Militia
For the regular
Friday Night Fire Fight
And, Saturday Shootout
Fast becoming ritual
Reasons forgotten
All that matters
Is the hate