Issue 22 – New Beginnings

By Harris Coverley

the time before land
the formless red mass of Earth
fire of creation


Steg Party
By Mark Hudson

In the new Year, emerges an egg,
and out of the egg, pops a leg,
and guess what it is? A steg.
It’s a Stegosaurus!
Can’t you hear the chorus!

get out your thesaurus,
pompous and porous.

He’s trying to destroy like Godzilla,
but it comes out like Magilla Gorilla.
A household name, a mascot
Scotland Yard said, “Great Scot!”

The stegosaurus started to roam.
He looked in a ladies home.
She looked out the window, started to scream,
she resolved never to touch Jim Beam.

They tried to put him in a zoo
But he escaped into the woods, went through.
He ate a bunch of antelope.
This smelly beast needs a bar of soap.

Some hunters shot him dead where he stood
right there in the middle of the wood.
A loss to science and all humanity
a new year always brings insanity.

A sign that were not ready for rebirth
dinosaurs can no longer walk the earth
the death of the human race approaches
where our successors will be all roaches.


The New One
By K. A. Williams

Do you like your fangs?
We can be together now.
Flying is such fun.

By DS Davidson

Cosmic rock comes tumbling
Rimed by aeon-old space debris
Blazes through atmosphere
Burning, blazing, braising
Smash down, crash down
Mantle-mangling, mesmerising
Explosive, catastrophic
Blast wave shattering stutters out
Sonic-boom angelic trumpet blast
End of the world
All anxiety over, the worst has come
Firestorm candle-snuffed by surge of air
Silence, stillness, dust falls
Monumental gash marks moment
Moment everything began over
A new start, a new world
New life
All new

Originally published in Tigershark

New Dawn
By Cardinal Cox

The moment is now! No second to wait
And history needs new heroes to come
We must demolish everything we hate
We have had enough of what makes us glum

Starting flag’s up, not a minute to waste
Every march starts with the first timid stride
There’s a storm coming that needs to be faced
Make your name one that’s spoken of with pride

Our tyrants have no plans only bluster
We have had enough of hollow swagger
Sitting Bull defeated General Custer
Soon they will start to stumble and stagger

This is the time for giants to arise
Freedom and justice is the golden prize


The Wheel
By K. A. Williams

I could see Earth from one of the spaceship’s windows. Other passengers were getting their first looks too.

“It’s bigger than I thought,” one said.

“No,” disagreed another. “It’s smaller.”

“It’s a perfect size,” I said.

When the spaceship landed, we disembarked and boarded a transparent hovercraft where there was a waiting real estate agent.

“What happened to the Earthlings?” I asked her.

“Our researchers discovered that a plague eventually killed the entire population so, fortunately, none can challenge our claim to this planet.”

“Is there any plant or animal life?” asked one of my fellow passengers.

“There is abundant plant and animal life now,” she answered. “A lot of animals and plants were becoming extinct partly due to the unstable weather patterns that Earthlings were apparently unable to fix. The scientists have restored Earth’s damaged ozone layer and initiated climate control.”

The hovercraft was sailing along a coastline beside an area with strange structures as she spoke.

“What are those tall things?” someone asked.

“They called these areas cities, this one is named London, and the structures are known as buildings. Earthlings used to live and work in them. No one knows why they built them so high.”

“What can you tell me about that?” I pointed at an object around the same height as the buildings.

She looked at where I was pointing. “That wheel is called the London Eye. We think Earthlings used to ride in the seats as it turned.”

“That sounds like fun, ” I said, and quickly added before anyone else could, “I want to buy the city known as London with the London Eye.” I voiced my request specifically to include it because I didn’t want any misunderstanding later on. “Is the wheel structurally sound?”

“Yes,” answered the agent, “and each of you can thoroughly inspect prospective purchases before you make your final offers.”

That was good to know. I might buy something else too, I had brought lots of money.

The End


After Man
By DJ Tyrer

Pollution settles in a thick sludge
Plastic, sewage, toxic waste
Accumulating in a seafloor ur-slime
Rearranging itself into a living organism
Vengeful in its alien soul
As it wreaks devastation upon its parents
A vile tidal surge overwhelms the land
Submerging all human endeavour
Drowning all human life
The ur-slime sets out to replace
Repopulate the world in its image
As it slowly attains sentience
A myriad of forms
And looks to the stars with envious eyes

Originally published in Sirens Call

By Harris Coverley

primordial soup
amino acid proteins
needs salt and pepper