Issue 35 – Seasonal Scare-Flicks!

Synopses For Some New Seasonal Scare-Flicks
By David Edwards

Dracula vs. Frankenstein vs. The Wolfman vs. The Mummy vs. The Thing

A ghoulish round robin tournament of blood and gore mayhem. Spectators beware!

To Be, or Not To Be?…Not!

Psychopathic stagewise dramaturge eliminates, scene by bloody scene, some of the worst actors at a Shakespearean Festival.

Days of the Dead Living

Ordinary people going about their ordinary lives, Terrifyingly mundane.


Scary Movie
By DS Davidson

Midnight on Hallowe’en
Popcorn ready, TV on
Shivering as slasher stalks
Screen flickers, changes
Stalker steps out
Hallowe’en just got real…


The Praying Mantis comes to View from Atlantis
By Mark Hudson

There was a gigantic praying Mantis,
who was interviewed on View from Atlantis.
D.S. Davidson interviewed the guest,
and he was nothing but a giant pest.

He came to Earth, and he was so green,
he came to Earth for Halloween.
As Halloween started to approach;
another space ship came with a roach.

D.J had assumed that giant insects,
was something no one suspects!
But on Halloween, with a full moon,
the giant insects are coming soon!

Was this it, a judgment day?
Rockets were filled with bug spray!
Zooming through space with insecticide,
the insect spaceships had nowhere to hide.

As the insects thought they owned the skies,
it was certain destruction of the fruit flies.
No insects left, not even a spider,
Autumn is here, let’s have some cider.

Then little Suzie went a trick or treating,
she bit into an apple, a worm she was eating!
Oh, no! The insects have come back again!
But which came first, the chicken or the hen?


Transylvanian Twist
By Cardinal Cox

The brides aren’t impressed as he twirls around
They’re sharp smiles as though at a private joke
He spins on the ceiling, down to the ground
They know he will get caught up in his cloak

At every party they’ve seen it before
Slightly bored, his pale and thin undead wives
But now bold Carmilla wafts through the door
And they’re animated – almost alive

They compare robes, funerial jewels
And debate the problems of graveyard dust
For there are certain ancient oaths and rules
When it comes to them satiating lusts

They must wait for the wolf to be away
Before – as they say – the small bats can play


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